I did not think I was going to start my blog this way but I will go with it since they say write what you know and what is on your mind.  My initial thought was to give some basic information about myself and move into step one of being a better gamer. I’ll turn this into manners as a gamer.  Because without players having a social conscience the games tank.

This weekend after a fun Kentucky Derby my wife and I and our friends went to an unnamed Mexican restaurant.  Now the food and service were fine and we were having a great time talking about the days events and about next week’s UFC fight.  Also, mint juleps I do not know about this drink, it’s just not for me.  Now I love my whiskey and cokes and Kentucky bourbon and coke but something about this drink did not sit well with me.

 To continue I excused my self to go to the bathroom after we had finished eating and we were waiting for the check.  I walk in to hit stalls and what do I see but feces and excrement covering the toilet.  A child about six or seven was finger painting his own defecation on the walls.  I turn to the father who is just standing there and he says

“Okay son, come over here we got to clean you off.” 

“You did so well going to the bathroom all by yourself”

Obviously ignoring the mess made in the stall.  He makes no move to clean the stall after his kid had started washing off.  In fact he just stands there all proud that his little boy for making a “poopy” for others to clean. 

“Sir, are you going to clean up after your son?” I inquire after seeing him making a move to the exit.

“No, I’m going to let the wetbacks earn their pay.” He continues to tell his son what a great job he did. 

“Sir, that’s a hazmat type situation you might want to take care of it.  If you want I’ll get the manager to get you the stuff you need to clean it up.” I say a little bit more forcefully.

“Mind your own fucking business.” Says the father

“Well, I guess if that is the kind of example you want to set for you son to let other people clean up his mess then that’s fine.” And I just walk by the jerk.

I get back to my table and tell the people what I encountered.  Everyone is just kind of shock that someone would let their child do that and not clean up after them.  About twenty minutes later the man and his son did come out –so they did clean up after themselves.

Now what does this have to do about gaming?  I think it has to do with EVERYTHING actually.  The first step is be a human being and be responsible for yourself.  I ask, “Do you want to game with someone who does not wash, wear deodorant, constantly forgets their tape measures, or comes to your game place and trashes it?”

How many times have you walked into a game store and seen coke cans, chip bags, dice,  other items cluttering the area around?  Most game stores are our home away from home.  And should be treated with the same respect or more than we treat out own home.  We are after all, guests.  Do you treat your house like garbage and leave things laying around and finger-paint the walls in your feces?  Now, if you do not see it often then either you have an excellent game store staff who cleans up after the gamers or gamers who are actually responsible for themselves. 

Do not be that guy who does not shower.  Or the guy who leaves a pile of coke cans and thinks it funny.  Or the jerk who opens tons of packs of cards and leaves the waste on a table or on the floor for someone else to clean up.  When you do this you add to the overhead of the store.  Trust me store staff prefer to only have to vacuum and clean up one or two forgotten cans then some of the laziness I see with this generation of gamers. 

I point mainly at the newest generation gamers since they are mainly the culprit in this.  I think it has to do with no strong parental feature in their lives.  You know parents who teach their kids manners.  Mainly it is younger kids with hygiene issues as their body changes.  But do everyone a favor take a shower and use the deodorant.  PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF!  If you spill a drink go clean it up immediately or tell the store staff so they can help you.