I have played several different types of games. If you look you will notice almost all the same people at the top tables no matter the game. There are reasons for this and I am going to elaborate ways to become one of those top people no matter the game.


Before you can play any game be it Scrabble, Tennis, Epic, or Warmahordes you have to understand the rules. If you do not know the rules then you really can not play the game properly. I do not know how many players I’ve seen refuse to buy the rulebook and think they know the rules. The same people will argue about it with players and waste everyone’s time. Torrent, buy, borrow one but get your hands on a rulebook. I really suggest reading them more than once to get nuances as well.

When playing games with more experienced players let them know you’re new and ask questions. If you do not tell them you are inexperienced they will assume you know the rules and this can lead to frustration on both sides. I am a person that learns by doing so seeing rules interactions happen is a great way to learn. This gives you on the job training and seeing how it works.

Knowing the base rules is paramount. Not knowing these simple rules can cause problems. For instance, I did not a triple word score could only be scored once when it was used not all the times it is used. If you know the basic rules and the interactions of the environment this will help you with the more advanced items. Specifically items that break the basic rules of the game.

Know yourself

After your get through and you know the basic rules of a game you need to master the rules that break that of the game. The best way to do this is to learn the rules of your items first. Learn how your army, cards, war gear, etc, interact and break the basics rules of the game. If you do not know how your stuff works then how can you explain it to someone else? If you do not know the basic rules how will you know how it interacts?

Know thy enemy

The next step is to learn the rules of your opponents’ armies. You will be able to learn what all capabilities that your opponent can bring to bear in a game. I do not know how many people I had charge my Hive Tyrant and forget they had to take a leadership check to do it and made them stop 1’’ in front of her. The next turn I was able to mop up what was there. My opponent had played against Tyranids before but never had an opponent remember to use the power. So, they did not know about the power. Its little things like this that can catch you unaware and cause you to lose, just because you were unprepared.

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