The stats were given in today’s newsletter you may find the stats here

This thing looks exceptional. From his reach weapon of 16, his animus SPRINT (which can be doled out to any model), to his warpings (strength, stealth, beserk). He is a little pricey at 10 points but he is a toolbox of greatness. Warp this guy for beserk charge him at a threat of 11” then have him sprint another six to engange some other guys. Its the Lord of the Feast in beast form. Sprint gives even more movement shennigans to the skirmishing faction known as circle. This model makes me drool with how good it is.

Defense 14 also helps put it near a hard to hit for most basic infantry and most likely boosts by beast/jacks to hit. Well except those cygnar jacks with their Mat 7/8. He is a non-wold with pathfinder which means he can do his thing on his own without getting help. A very solid model for the already solid faction of Circle with all its incredible choices. I am guessing we will be seeing an all Wolf theme list and this guy is a definite place for that. I think he makes a great compliment to the other Warpwolves but is not a directly replacement.