So some friends and I got this ridiculous idea to play some 4E. We had not thrown dice in at least five years or more for an RPG. So we grabbed some books and the character generator demo and went to work.

Our heroes for the beginning were :

Crispis the halfling warlock
Gregor the human warlord
Roland the human rogue
And Name to be determined the Eladrin wizard

I’ll write up a little more later on the world and its history that I’ve come up with. That will be used in a later posts and something for people to come back for.

So we came up with quick character back stories and how each character knew another. Then we had a quick adventure hook got them going and had a kobold attack for combat. It was quick, dirty, and fun! Of course we would of done more if we had not spent the whole day at the ren faire. So, not bad for about 4 hours work. Character creation, combat, and role play!