First off, if you have not taken the 60 seconds to enter in their online store contest I suggest you do so. You may find it here.

Second, I am not sure why the new Exemplar Errant solo for menoth is only two points. They took an ability away from Cryx on Rengrave stating that self sacrifice was too good. They gave him an ability that is not as he originally had and thats fine. Now we see it reappear in a different faction? Really, this is a bit irritating and I’m not really a Cryx player. If your going to pull an ability from an original model and state is too good I really do not want to see it again in a different faction. Come on we know you want to move Errants but a bit overkill. Just give Rengrave this ability and everyone will be fine.

Some rumors have been spied around the forums. Now, this is what I call knee jerk reactions since we have to wait to see the real rules for these guys.

Shae Coco Butter Tier List

No character warjacks (are there any in Mercs or is this a hint for things to come?)
Sea Dog Units
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Solos – Privateer

Lvl 1: all solos -1pt (really the whole Talion crew at -1 point?)
Lvl 2: Mr Walls = all models/units have easier time getting through forests and rough terrain first turn.
Lvl 3: commodore cannon = better chance of winning starting roll. (+1)
Lvl 4: min 3 jacks battlegroup = battle group moves faster first turn. (+2)

So a tier 3 list should be easily obtained. And hey you get 7 great solos for 7 points. Woo hoo solo machine for Pirates. I mean tier 3 is 25 points with A&H and a full unit of seadogs. 16 points to spend on jacks and go to town. Not completly sure how I feel about this but will ned to see it played in capable hands to decide.

Hordes Turn

QUOTE (Sentry)
The titan sentry
PC gladiator + 1
Gladiaor stats.  One lower def and mat
Spear is p+s = gladiator fists but it has reach
shield p+s 13
tusk I think 15
Brace for impact
hard headanimus
cant really remember. It was silly good though. Something like “models starting in this model’s melee range can only move directly towards it.” Good. Really good.

To borrow a term from Focus and Fury this titan sentry is the epitome of Skornagy. Just because it has a shield and spear it loses a point of mat and defense? Its more points than a gladiator? For a faction that is based on being a cohesive regimented military machine its pretty much looking like a bunch of lameness.

QUOTE (Bomber)
PC 10Blitzer stats, fury 4, mat, rat 5. Blitzer stats

Snacking and regen are the only special rules.

2 p+s 15 fists (blitzer stats)

RANGE 8, POW 16, AOE 4, RoF 2 ranged attack.

Animus that grants a model immune to blast damage.

Finally, donkey kong of the Trolls.  Yep, he and the impaler hang out a lot.  Rof 2 pow 16 aoe 4 is so horrible for 10 points.  He may not be an all star but this guy is solid.