The blazing sun is overhead and blasts its rays and heat upon the cracked, dry, brown desert floor. There is no wind at all to aid in the relief from the heat. A large stone is the only difference in the flat terrain. Upon the stone is the form of a man chained by wrists and feet. Even though the heat is a good 130 degrees the body does not perspire at all. In fact a slight smirk can be seen on the face of the man. The man raises his head slightly and the long gray hair falls way to revel a pair of pointed ears.

“You are late” states the elf on the slab on the slab matter of factly.

“Actually I am early. Besides I figured you would like a little company, it has been a thousand years.” comes a low, deep voice.

“A thousand years? Are you serious I felt like I just got here? What took you so long to complete your task? No wonder my plan failed when I was surrounded by incompetents such as you Cloak. How did I ever have you in my employ?” states the frustrated figure on the rock.

“Let us see I broke into your keep and put a dagger to your throat and you simply made an offer I could not refuse. Also, I succeeded in all the assassinations you sent me upon. The rest of your advisors have forgotten you and I am here. Plus, you placed a spell upon me.” comes the voice.

“Ohh, boo hoo, I was forced to do stuff against my will. Did I not give you the revenge you wanted? “States the elf with incredulity. A cough is heard during the tirade. “Okay minus killing me. But look what you earned in the long run. I mean I taught you to walk in complete sunlight in the desert without even a shadow or piece of sand out of place.  With a flick of the wrist you can kill a man.” says the elf with a sly grin.

“Yes, yes I would not be as skilled today if I had not learned from you. But who is chained up and who is free?” says the voice this time coming from a direction behind the captured elf while the chain jiggles ever so slightly.

“What are you doing?  You know that calls the beast.” States the elf with fear in his voice.

“Yes, I know.  It is part of the plan.  You should know that the ritual should be finished in fifteen days time.  Plenty of time for you to escape this prison and make it to the point where the rift opens to make your return, to the real world. Remember you are on your own there is no backup.  So I would definitely not start by marching straight to Alexendria. ” States the voice as an outline of a cloaked begins to form the dust.

The earth began to shift and tremor every so slightly.  In the distance a cloud of dust could be seen moving towards the rock at a fast pace.  The tremors getting more frenetic as the dust cloud gets closer.

“Remember I conquered the elf lands!  The split of the Eladrin back to their little sparkly fairy world was caused by me!  I was carving a kingdom of the Shadow Realms from its former master.  My rape of a goddess created an entire race!“ the chained elf rears up in rage causing the chains to constrict and slam the elf back to the stone with a thud.

“Please, she was not that pretty nor was she a goddess.” A manacle falls open suddenly at the captives’ hand.  He quickly rolls and begins to get his other hand free. “You believe your own propaganda and thus why you will be caught and banished this time permanently.  Your 9 lives are over. Now jump!” as this is said the last manacle of the captives feet is opened.  

A burst of sand next to the stone sprays the area a good ten feet.  A gaping maw from a purplish hued worm like creature waves to and fro.  The elf sees the person behind the voice fully form.  Black cloak engulfing the body, save for a pair of worn elfish boots with a symbol of a cat from a forgotten time.  The old captive seeing the shadow created by the worm smiles and begins to focus his mind.  As the worm descends appearing to swallow rock, chains, and both men whole and heads back underground, at the edge of the shadow of the worm the former captive materializes.

“Good bye son.  Now to take back what is mine one step at a time.” states the elf with a bit of melancholy as he begins to walk in the desert creating no shadow with his form and dusty floor was undisturbed as he walked by him.