I’m back from work and no AC in my house which is a very bad thing.  Hopefully, I will get back into regular posting again.

Lets take a look at the Fiona tier list.  Unfortunately I think this is just a horrible list.  I do not see any reason to take this instead of just a Highborne list.  This list only gives her 3 units to play with and 2 solos.  Unless of course there are rules in the mercenary book which adds in Thamarite units and solos.  Even then with all these restrictions I would rather play the more well rounded Highborn list with her.  I would think she would of had some access to pirate solos.  This reminds of old magic cards that the company put into sets called idiot tests.  If you played it you were a bad player considering there are way better choices.

Personally, I am looking foward to the Mercenary book to see what there is to it.  I’m looking foward to see what we get for Ashlynn.  Hopefully the Bart and rest of the lists are actually worth playing.


Sometimes I forget that I need to write not just about how competitive items are but also how they fit into the IK world.  This list fits perfectly for Fiona.  I would think she might of had one or two pirates as she had a ship along with Bart and Shae.   Hopefully we will see some clarification of some Thamarites.