Its been a while since I have written anything in this spot.  Work was a challange the last couple of weeks and took me away from this.  I really need to get back to this and keep writing.  If I am going to actually finish the book I want to write.  Those pages will just languish if I do not do anything with them.

Probably like every other sports fan that is not out I am watching Ghana vs US in soccer.  While I am not a soccer fan per se I will watch in person and it is fun during this time.  It may not be exciting as other fast paced sports but it has its place.  Also, the buzzing sound is pretty horrid.  I can only imagine being there in person.  It sounds as if a hornets nest has been stirred up and I’m walking towards it.  Probably something our characters may hear upon coming upon a giant bee’s nest. Is the like to where I am keeping some campaign information.  And it actually has been fleshed out with history and factions of intrest, along with NEW NPC with pictures.  Now just to get my players to take a peek there.  Probably add in something such as free reroll in game for finding better picture, writing history, etc.

So, I was setting up to finish the final two encounters for Keep on the Shadowfell I got a text from my wife stating that her friend wanted to play.  Within twenty minutes I made a paladin and a cleric very quickly for their friend to play.  When they got here after niceties I gave them the PH and said look at pictures and tell me what you think is cool.  Thankfully they picked a cleric and I printed out the character for them via the handy D&D tools.  My group was a little shocked someone just popped in but were very helpful to the newbie.  Well just as helpful as they are to my wife as she figures out her wizard.

After using some shennigans I had the cleric join the party via the ghost of the Verdent Lord they found in the kobold lair.  They went down and dealt with both encounters with good efficiency I thought.  I made a dramatic decision and had Karlael after being pushed into the pool of blood just slowly sink.  Then I had the portal pop out Durac and I totally mishandled how my party would deal with this character.  I should of just had him say a few things and leave.  I think the late night made me make poor decisions.

My players then headed back to Winterhaven and were given a hero’s welcome.  After some trade they went on back to their home base of Fellcrest.  Which is pretty much where we left it.  The cleric decided to join the group full time and I hope she continues to play.  Unfortunately this will be our last session before a three week hiatus because of vacations for everyone.  I hope the rust is not too bad when we come back.  I am trying to keep session full of side adventures and get things ready for the next big adventure for them.