This has been a pretty good week for me as I spent it all in training.  The trainer was excellent and I gleaned a lot of knowledge from it and to take back to my group.  Of course bringing back videos does not hurt either.  So, I figured I would write something while I looking at various sites and doing laundry.

D&D encounters has been fun from the times I’ve gotten out to it.  I’m really enjoying playing the elven ranger in this set.  And to me the ability to reroll an attach roll is pretty good for an encounter power.  I’ve used it  to turn failure to success each time.  The only thing I’m not sure about is how to get the 65 point rewards.  You can only really guarantee yourself 48 points by showing up every week.  I missed 3 weeks so that will hurt my total.  The one off ones are worth 7 and the complete all quests is 5 which is pretty impossible to do.  I mean the dwarf is not going to survive 3 sprays at 3d6 🙂  Then again not everyone is able to get all the different objectives such as kill 3 minions with 1 attack for my ranger and if no one gets knocked out hard to pick up the dying ally.  The main thing is I am having fun and verifying all the rules I use in my game are being done right.

 Gen Con is next week and I cannot wait to see what all comes out of that.  Unfortunately I will be missing it again as I have a project finish up during that week.  Without the job I can not afford to do these hobbies.  However, I think I have San Diego Comic Con on the hook for next year.