I know many a group is traveling to Gen Con right now or with then then next few days.  So, lets stay safe on those road as we do those 16+ hour road trips straight .  Also, lets be classy and no gouging at Gen Con we gotta show the West Coast how to act at a convention. 🙂

A new update came out for the character builder which I am pulling down now as I type and several hours after you read. It looks like it just added in items from the last months books and magazines.  Which is fine as I just bought HS2 Orcs of Stonefang pass and I got to say it is unique.  I think people at the least should check it out.  My party will possibly be hitting that this weekend after the debacle of getting captured last session.  Or they just might go home to lick some wounds.

Its Wednesday and so we get D&D encounters today.  By my thoughts today is probably end of the chapter.  So, blow those dailies and action points because no reason to hang on to them.  I’m really enjoying this style and having fun with Castri.  Of course coming out axes blazing is much fun.  Next season we are suppose to make our characters and would like complete confirmation before I go hog wild.  This is something I may bring up today to the guys I have in my group.

My Gen Con Itinerary for today

3am – Wake up all excited that I have a fantastic job so I read some mail and blog.

5:30 AM- Eat a muffin and get ready for work

6:30 AM- Arrive at work, set up for the day

8:00 AM- Go down for coffee break and further discuss projects

9-11 AM – Work furiously on projects

11 AM- Lunch and read up on all the Gen Con happenings

12-4 PM Back to work

6pm – D&D Encounters where I get to blow my dailies and action points

7pm – Work on my campaign and watch various tv shows

Get ready to repeat the next day.

Nope my itinerary is nowhere near as exciting anyone actually there.  But, I have a fantastic career that does so much for me.  So, I may miss out on little things like Nationals and Gen Con but they more than make up for it in other ways. So, let us know about your awesome Gen Con experiences and have a fantastic week.