The players made it to a town with of Tilverdale which was at the base of the mountain and a trade town.  This allowed them to get some weaponry and stock up on supplies that they had lost from the slavers.  Walking around town they found the Skorne one side of the slavers and Roland follwed him to learn more about their enemy.  He succeeded in a skill challenge of shadowing the Skorne praetorian commander and learned their numbers and their plans for when they were moving out.

In the bar they met an strange elf named Castri (yeah, I was bored and used my Dark Sun encounters character) for a bit of RPing fun.  He gave the party information about the Skorne and their society.  The party offered to take him as he might come in handy navigating the terrain and to get a little revenge on the Skorne.

The party setup a rock slide ambush on the praetorian party.  The fight went pretty well for their party with only a few nicks and scratches minus the praetorian commander getting into the Deidra and Elphaba.  Thankfully the leader of the Skorne called off his troops in order to survive the bloodsheed.  The party took Jasteer of House Balaar of the Skorne and learned what they could have from the drop.  They decided to take Jasteer with them and send the two praetorian back into the desert.

After setting up watch they learned their new elf friend Castri was a bit of a cannibal.  He apparently had gone back during the night and cut up some the skorne flesh as well as catching some regular food for the guests.  The party decided it was time to send him packing and he left with no further provocation.

The players had a plan to use the skorne robes they had and get closer to the Blood Reaver hobgoblin slavers.  Unfortunately Elphaba set off a smile rockslide while moving up stealthily which lead the the Hobgoblin archers shooting and bloodied her immediately.  The rest of the party still used their advantage of took to charging the slavers.  The fight was a knockout brawl and the party came up victorious.  Highlighted by the rogue fighting a hobgoblin wearing his armor.  That would be the last armor that hobgoblin wore.

The party traded the Hobgoblin is life for information and the warcaster kept his mouth shut for the most part as he did not feel the party would keep their word.  They handed over the hobgoblin and one of the slaves to Jasteer, the dwarf Ramkin Glintshield and the human Coleman decided to take arms against the Bloodreavers.

The party went through the tunnels and came upon a guard station.  Roland once again took the robes and bluffed the guards into believing he was one of the skorne.  One of the watchmen went back to tell the leader that the trade had been unsuccessful.  The other two guards quickly came under the blades of the party.  Fearing that the hobgoblins might be too alert and resources expended the party decided to back out of the mountains and make back to Tilverdale.