We had an influx of four players this week for encounters. Which was great as we two full tAbles. The bad thing is this group stayed together and we got another defender at our table. So three defenders a ranger and controller wizard leads to small issues. Thankfully the ranger damage was consistent this week.

The gazer dazing everyone was brutal. Then the swarms getting near to use their auras was nasty. The panther hanging out was fun addition as well. Picturing my ranger running out of brush screaming “big cat. Big cat” as he killed the dinosaur as he went past

Hopefully these people will stay and be there for next season as well. Playing with different people gives different perspectives. I used distracting shot the ranger third level encounter which attacks before an attack and increases defenses. This got some ohhh and ahhs. The funny thing is this is a power straight from the players handbook

I also received my tomb of horrors for dm rewards and I am grateful for it. I also got the explanation that rewards would only be for public events from now on. I thought the dm program was a good idea but maybe they are promoting lgs support. Which is well and good except for those without an lgs. I know I would like to get the encounters adventures and run them at home. I guess it’s just one of those things we will have to see how it pans out. Maybe they felt the shipping costs was prohibitive who knows.

This weekend I have another fantasy draft and the week after we return to the D&D game. After that it is a return to the red box. Which I think many people are itching to see. Now if we could get themes earlier 🙂