The heroes cleared out the slavers without any problem.  They found a ledger with several symbols in it that correlated to certain races being bought and sold.  Another had the payout to several bounty hunters as well that they recognized.  When they went into the cells they were greeted by Castri, who they let out and sent on his way.

They went up the other tunnel which they figured out was the dragons escape route.  When they got to the top they meet by an ice troll calling himself Niq the Quik.  The fight was quickly over and they checked out the view at the top of the mountain.  On one side was tents of a skorne party the heroes had no intention of crashing and the other contained the lights Silverton.

Getting back Silverton lead to a nice rest for the heroes.  This was short lived when the blacksmith banged at their door seeking help.  When they made it to Darren the necromancers place they saw several gnolls assaulting the farm.   The gnolls were trying to get the necromancers child and when the leader of the gnolls saw the party, the voice of Orcus cursed them for meddling again. After saving Darren’s wife and baby the heroes tried to talk Darren into leaving his farm.  Which in the end he acquiesced and left for Fellcrest to start a new life.

Rolling into Fellcrest the group was puzzeled that no history existed for Durac and no person they talked to remembered him.  Roland and Crispis found their friend Alex Stormheart all in shining plate as newly initated Paladin of Everyn. Finally, they went to a church of the Raven Queen were they ran into Razvahn.  He met them at the Red Velvet Inn were he told them that the church was monitoring him very closely as he was an outworlder and one of the few shadar-kai walking the world of Darym.