The characters worked out what the next step was and that was to figure out how Durac made people forget about him.  After leaving they were greeted by an old man who said if they answered a riddle he would answer three questions.  After answering a relatively easy riddle they got some answers from the man.  Who ended up actually being a 5′ tall grey rat man or Skaven. This shocked has these were creatures of myth.  He explained that they had tipped the scales when things got too far out of balance.  Showing the drow the secret tunnels to the dwarven stronghold.  Putting the whisper in a kings ear to unite a kingdom or planting the seeds of deceit in a in a general.

After learning that two more spells will be cast one on the shadow plane and the other on the fey kingdom they head out for the fey bridge.  Using the knowledge [[:elphaba | Elphaba]] had passed to [[:crispis | Crispis]] of where they lived they made the journey to the rainbow bridge.  Upon coming upon a beautiful summer glade in winter(?) they were greeted by  [[:boromeer-rageshadow | Boromeer Rageshadow]].  He at first did not wish to allow them passage but relented eventually.  The keep was on high alert due to the instability in human kingdoms.  After verbal jabs back and forth he took them to see Whirlwands Moonshadow.

The cousin of Elphaba who was once Durac’s traveling companion.  The learned that he had broke the nose of Durac as well as ran away and allowed him to get capture.  For this Durac waited and caught him and tortured him some 50 years later.  He had been branded with the symbol of the griffon.  He was a broken man speaking in broken language throughout the conversation.  They got the names of the first traveling companions of Durac as well as one of the generals, Acerak.

Jumping on the lead they asked Rageshadow to take them to Acerak and he said that he had died.  Not believing him Rageshadow took him to one of the mages that was their at his death.  The mage claimed that he had help trap Acerak in a tomb over two hundred years ago and that he was quite dead.  The group wanted to see this “tomb” for themselves.  So he transported them there.

The group found themselves in a cave with light leading up and a dark hallway with several frescoes painted on the wall, on the ground itself.  After navigating some pittraps they entered the fresco of a four armed demon.  After entering the chamber found behind the door they were greeted with the taunting of Acerak and four armed gargoyle.  After a very long battle the group moved on and found a room of three chests.  When they opened the first one a giant dual scimitar wielding skeleton attacked them after finally dispatching it the part is laying bloody and exhausted.

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