I have been running encounters for the March of the Phantom brigade.  The first session we had 8 players and unfortunately we had no way to get a second table going.  So, off we go with 7 stirges and 8 pcs.  Unfortunately for the pcs they could not hit a thing.  The stirges dropped each of the pc’s at least once and in case of the warlock three separate times.

Week two we actually got to split up the groups a bit.  The goblins I used went to town on pc’s who charged out of place and let themselves get surrounded.  2 pc deaths and almost TPK if the wizard had not critted on his daily fire fountain spell.  Heroic moment there you go!  Now, I did have all the least experienced players at my table.  Including the duo that played defenders who ran away from the dragon and refused to take a hit that killed a cleric. 

I’m sort of torn on what to do here.  Now, do I keep up the tough love and as they continuously play poorly?  Or do I baby them and have the monsters do stupid things instead of playing them correctly?  I think not killing them is doing a disservice as they have had one full season to learn the game and still doing the same things.

The other front I’ve been invited to a home game.  I’ve decided to go outside my comfort zone of rogues and wizards and try a defender.   I’m not totally sure what to play here.  I’m drawn to the paladin as it is a polar opposite of the rogue this group knows me for.  Unfortunately I am not able to find something I want to try.  Maybe I should wait and see how the rest of the party shakes out before I try and pigeonhole the type of paladin.  I’m drawn to sword and board but unsure if that’s the best to go with.