There are a lot of people in this world, and sometimes they see things differently. Whether you’re the kind of person who enjoys discussing ideas and ideals or you’re the type of person who sees the world in shades of “people who are right” and “people who disagree with me”, Castle Productions has a game you will probably love. It’s called “The Great Debate”, and it’s the type of game that will definitely start conversations at your next cocktail party. My group played this in place of Cards Against Humanity and it found a place with us.

The game play is simple. Each player selects the top card from the deck. There are 2 opinions on the card. The player who draws the card selects their position and the card determines who will take the opposing position. So, for instance, you may draw a card that says “A. The Beatles were the greatest band in Rock and Roll. B. The Beatles, while popular, are highly overrated. Opponent: 2 to the right.” The person who draws the card then has 30 seconds to convince everyone that the Beatles are truly the greatest rock band in history. The person who is sitting 2 players to the right then has 30 seconds to convince the group that they were just a band, and no better than U2, Tom Petty, or Justin Bieber. After each player has had their say, the rest of the group votes and the winner gets the card. First player to collect 5 cards wins.

There is also an icebreaker quality to the game as well. Sometimes instead of saying two right or left it will ask “Who owns a dog?” or “Last person to go hiking”. Which is a good randomizer and if played with strangers are great way to get to know the people at your table.

For the basic game, the topics vary widely in their sense of importance. There are cards about politics, pop culture, parenting style, sports, and other highly contentious topics. Game designer Dave Ferguson says that the plans are to have regularly released expansions to play on specific interests and current events. There is also a plan for an electronic version where the cards are generated for your phone, thus staying more timely as maybe a kickstarter stretch goal.

For the review, we were provided a prototype deck. The game will go into full production after a kickstarter in November. This is a great game that I will fund come November. For more details, go to and participate in the daily debates.

Patrick Gary