DND 5th Edition Analysis Monday, Aug 11 2014 

I got the new 5th edition because one of our players complained about 4th edition and wanting to go to a different system with faster combats. I can agree 4th edition has long combats about as long as Pathfinder and DnD 3.5 at the 11th level we are currently running.

The problem I had with the playtest is the monster math was not done during the playtest so we were testing characters based on false numbers of monsters. In my world of QA that would mean completely invalid tests. I picked up the 5th edition players handbook and have been going over and it looks like we went a little backwards in game design and did not learn all our lessons.

Here are the races and the points based on feats, abilities, and stats. For instance feats got 2 points since according to WOTC they are worth 2 stats. Abilities for the most part were given 2 points as well.  The drow are the winner in abilities given out even with a -1 for sunlight deficiency.  I gave this out as most organized play adventures are indoors so this could even go as far as -2 in home brew and of course being reviled.  However, that part does not come in at organized play but could in a home game.  You will see the human variant that allows a feat at level 1 comes in a total of 5 points.  The average points comes out to 9.8 or 10 points.  So, humans base are 4 points and 5 if they take the variant.


I see this as a huge disparity in a place where we have come with better game balance.  This balance before had each of these races taken negatives to stats so the gap was not as wide.  Especially things has -2 to con which affect hit points as we see in pathfinder and 3.5.

race stats base ability base skill base feat sub stat sub ability sub feat disad total
drow 2 5 1 1 4 2 -1 15
mountain dwarf 2 4 2 2 2 2 14
hill dwarf 2 4 2 2 1 2 13
high 2 5 1 1 2 2 13
wood 2 5 1 1 2 2 13
forest gnome 2 4 1 4 11
rock gnome 2 4 1 4 11
dwarf 2 4 2 2 10
half elf 4 4 2 10
half orc 3 6 1 10
lightfoot 2 4 1 2 9
stout 2 4 1 2 9
dragonborn 3 6 9
tiefling 3 6 9
elf 2 5 1 8
halfing 2 4 6
human 6 6
gnome 2 4 6
human variant 2 1 2 5




My wants for D&DNext Friday, Jan 20 2012 

Go check out D20 Monkeys amazing cartoon on the DNDNext feedback horror here.

The post I had yesterday was my quick rundown of things I have seen from forum users, players, etc about DNDnext.  While I may of been a little bit harsh about saying your dm sucks if there is no roleplay in 4e, that’s actually the groups fault.  I have kind of felt that I keep hearing the same criticism over and over from people about 4e and most of it is pretty unfounded.  Or with a little bit of knowledge is quickly dismissed, if people are actually wanting to listen to reason.  Of course this is the internet and geeks over their ‘precious’ so we know how that goes.  I’m sure I’ve done my fair share of holding onto sacred cows over the time.  Well, actually I did during the play test of Hordes and hated seeing my favorite beasts turned to mediocre instead of the awesome they were.  Unlike in a rpg in a miniature game I can’t just stick with an older edition and play it I have to move on and maybe that’s why I am able to better equipped when I see the D&Dnext items in the horizon.

My wants are pretty basic and fall right in line with most everyone else.  I’ll try not to do the pie in sky items that are never going to happen.  I said try 🙂

  1. Electronic tools day 1 with character builder, monster builder, conversion from 4e to DNDNext in HTML5 as well as continued support for the 4e tool set.
  2. Podcasts of walking through rules and play maybe 1-2 months in advance to give us some better ideas of what we are going to deal with.  Sure, forums, and reading are great but sometimes certain things don’t come up in our brain into it actually happens and seeing “experts” deal with them might help.
  3. Unique new setting or continue with Nentir Vale as default.  ( I think this might be lost with all the Forgotten Realms freaks out there)
  4. Settings book for GreyHawk, Ravenloft, Dark Sun that give a detail of what you need to change in order to make that world yours and play in it from the generic default setting.
  5. Drow go back as a feared and hated race.
  6. Make it so a strength built fighter can fire a bow and actually hit something reliably.  He does not have to be ranger accurate but at least be useful.  This was one thing in 4e I’ll give to all the haters that made zero sense to me.  The warrior trained in all weapons was pretty much never going to hit anything with a bow and arrow.
  7. Keep to the default basic races Human, Half Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc and basic classes Fighter, Wizard, Ranger, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue.  Get these right first and then you can expand from there.  Or maybe those will be enough and with feats or trees people can customize to their hearts content. 
  8. Do not listen to everybody and make it too generic.  If we wanted that we would all go play HERO or GURPS.  Do not go the way of Conan and listen to all the whines and turn something good into something horrible.
  9. Themes need to stay.  I think they are a really great jumping off point for how things can be done right.
  10. Make the shade something worthwhile, 4e neutered this concept to me 🙂

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Let me know what you think and if my ideas gel with yours or if I’m off base.